Everything You Need to Know About 5G

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Everything You Need to Know About 5G

What is 5G?

5G simply means that it is the 5th generation network for mobile phones and devices.  5G is based on IEEE 802.11ac standard of broadband technology and it will leave 4G technologies in the dust.  Not only will the speed be better than 4G it has lower latency giving you fewer dropped calls, less lagging and online gaming on your phone will be quicker and better.  So when will the 5G network be deployed and how do you get on it.

Who Will Bring it to Market

There are a lot of companies even outside of the wireless service providers who are pushing to get 5G launches, these include Cisco, Apple and Verizon among them.  They all have a vested interest in seeing the network deployed, this allows them to be first in line with new equipment and phone that will work on the new network.  The expected release of 5G is sometime in 2018, here is the latest on that.

Deploying the Network

No one has made clear how companies will be deployed on the network that is going to use it.  Wireless providers expect video traffic to grow exponentially in the future and that means they need much higher speeds.  This is not just teenagers wanting to watch YouTube videos but business applications like video conferencing demanding better service.  This has created the need for higher bandwidth spectrum for wireless networks.

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5G is expected to be the network where the Internet of Things will live.  That means it needs to support millions of devices as smart homes become the norm.  5G needs to be extremely efficient in using bandwidth transmissions yet still providing better coverage.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage is the speed, it will be significantly faster than 4G.  In theory you should be able to get download speeds of 10,000 Mbps.  That means the apps you run on your phone that are complex won’t require you to have WiFi turned on.  The big disadvantage is time and money.  5G will take time to deploy and cost a fortune.  For the consumer even once 5G is deployed then you are going to have to get your hands on a new phone.  The current 4G compatible phones will not work with the new network.  Another benefit is that with a network this fast there will be a ton of applications and services that can be launched.  5G once it is deployed with be a game changer for mobile devices.